Perfection Through Experience
"Perfection Through Experience"

Printkom continues to serve the Graphic Art and Printing Industry in Lebanon since 1956 when the founder, Mr. Sarkis Kanekourian was involved in the business. Currently the company is managed by Mr. Toros Kanekourian and performs its business activities from its headquarter which consists of a 7 story building located in the heart of Beirut.

Printkom is the official distributor of Kodak Graphic Communications and Canon Professional Digital Solutions for the graphic art, publishing and creative advertising sectors in Lebanon along with other major suppliers in the printing industry.

From its early days, Printkom has grown to service and support its customers in every step of the way. The company is divided into six departments: Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Import and Export, Hardware and Software Support, Delivery in addition to a unique showroom facility.

At Printkom, we combine creativity with technology and experience. We strive to elevate the graphic art industry standards in the region to its highest levels through our steady pursuit of perfection.