Perfection Through Experience
Publishing House Event 2014
The event targeted mainly book publishers as well as commercial printers who have shown interest in our live demonstrated Canon demo units during the event. Printkom showcased its 4 digital professional printing solutions to its visitors from all over Lebanon whom had the chance to participate and see the highlighted products displayed at this very event, which were the Canon imagePRESS C6011, Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+, Canon varioPRINT 110 and Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8295 PRO Digital Solutions.

The event was divided into two segments. The open house event that was highly concentrated on introducing to prospective, as well as current customers, an overview about what the digital printing technology CAN do and HOW the provided facilities of the digital printing industry meet the demands of today’s publishing house and commercial printing customers’ requirements. Throughout the event, a great number of participants were present. This gave them the opportunity to see and identify what exactly these digital solutions can perform on the spot like the production of Lebanese Constitution Book supplied by Sader Printing Press 1890 S.A.L., the workflow, different applications and softwares like VDP, photobook, and finishing options. Of course, the event couldn’t have ended without the dinner and the seminar, which were the completion of the event that took place at the same venue.

The General Manager of Printkom, Mr. Toros Kanekourian, first gave a presentation about Canon, the worldwide leading innovator and provider of imaging technologies, its portfolio, and an overview of the history of Printkom. As the official distributor of Canon/Océ Professional Digital Printing Solutions in graphic arts in Lebanon, Mr. Kanekourian introduced in his presentation the digital applications and the 10 good reasons to print books digitally. Last but not least, the closing of Mr. Toros Kanekourian’s speech centered on the marketing activities of Printkom.

After Mr. Toros Kanekourian’s presentation, we invited Dr. George Nubar Simonian, who came especially from Egypt to be present with us at our special event during which his lecture was directed to publishing house and commercial printing owners to build up their knowledge specifically on the world of digital printing, where he focused on the advantages of the digital printing in the world today, and the benefits of using the digital printing solutions in the Lebanese market in the future.

Among the major deals reported during the distribution of the trophies in comparison to previously closed deals include the sale of Canon varioPRINT 110 to Sader Printing Press 1890 S.A.L. and Océ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+ to Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiya. The wrap up of this whole event ended successfully as the number of attendees participating in the event far exceeded the team’s expectations and thus further reinforced the leadership of the Canon brand within the digital printing industry.