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The First Océ Arizona UV Flatbed Deal In Lebanon
Printkom continues its successful steps into promoting digital printing in Lebanon after Gulf Print & Pack 2013 by sealing the first deal for Océ Arizona 460 GT UV flatbed printer series with Digidots.

Digidots, a printing house established in 2008, was previously a subdivision of 53dots Dar El Kotob printing house which is operating in the Lebanese market since 2004. Digidots is specialized in the domain of digital printing and management and provides digital printing services to a wide range of local and international companies in the market. One of the company’s messages is to acquire highly sophisticated and technologically advanced machineries to provide its customers with the best quality in a timely, professional and reliable way. Keeping in mind its objective to grow and acquire a bigger share of the digital printing market, Digidots took the decision to invest in the Océ Arizona 460 GT UV flatbed printing solution.

Océ Arizona series of UV curable flatbed printers are the best selling UV flatbed printers with almost 4000 installations worldwide and with more than 40 international awards such as the Product of the Year in 2010 and 2011 and the RemaDays 2012 (The Prize For Innovative Technology). This award winning UV inkjet printer is designed to offer exceptional application versatility with new features added to the machine to improve productivity and keep the printing operations running smoothly.

Océ VariaDot® imaging technology is the key to the award-winning image quality of every Arizona printer. Included in all 400 series models, Océ VariaDot imaging technology can produce near-photographic quality with sharpness equivalent to 1440 dpi or higher. Text as small as 2 pt. is perfectly legible, even when reverse-printed (white ink on a black field).

The Océ Arizona 400 series includes six different UV flatbed printers featuring four, six or eight independent ink channels in two different flatbed sizes, offering a range of applications capabilities and capacity to suit any mid-volume print service provider. And as a provider’s needs change, an upgrade path is available to ensure that the investment in an Arizona 400 series printer is protected from obsolescence.

The Océ Arizona 400 series GT models offer the standard table size of 1.25 by 2.50 meters and the Océ Arizona 400 series XT models offer the extra large table size of 2.50 by 3.05 meters. Both can print on rigid media up to 50.8 mm thick. A roll media option is available for both models to print on flexible media from 0.90 meters up to 2.20 meters wide.

Both Océ Arizona 460 GT and Océ Arizona 460 XT models include six independent ink channels (first four configured for standard CMYK printing) with a maximum speed of 32.8 sqm per hour. Channels five and six can be configured in two ways that offer flexibility to meet the demands of various jobs:

• Varnish + White: Using white ink, print service providers can produce exceptional quality prints on a variety of non-white substrates -including backlit prints- that can command premium prices. Varnish can be used as a spot or flood decorative element for attention-getting results at premium prices.

• Double-White: Alternatively, when not required for use in printing varnish, the sixth channel can be used as an additional white ink channel to provide double the opacity in a single printing pass for higher productivity when printing white ink jobs. This is particularly beneficial for backlit and industrial applications.

With the ability to print directly on different substrates such as iron, glass, acrylic, flat metal, aluminum, tiles, leather, wood, marble, the applications could be vehicle graphics, banners, backlit, signage, rigid displays, building wraps, exhibition printing, textiles, billboards, window clings and films, point of purchase as well as industrial and 3D printing.

The Océ Arizona flatbed printers are designed to meet the customized demands, adding distinctive character to the applications and creating more added values. The printers enable customers to tackle new horizons and increase their margins with the lowest cost efficient production.